Shipping policy

Shipping Policy

The delivery method is already decided by us, and as a general rule, customers can not choose it unless otherwise.
Unfortunately, customers can not choose their favorable dates or delivery time.

(Please contact us if you wish. We will respond as soon as possible.)

Under normal circumstances, the item will arrive within 2 to 3 days after the delivery process is completed. (In the case of remote islands, it may take up 3 to 4 days.) Moreover, it will be delivered within 2 weeks if ordered outside of Japan.
Please understand that this does not apply in areas where natural disasters or large-scale events are held.

When packing, we will prepare the shipping with consideration so that the outer box will not be scratched or dented, however, after we deliver the item to the shipping company, if troubles or damages occured during transportation,  the shipping company is responsible for it.
We will do our best to minize the scratches and dents on the outer box so that it does not damage the product.